VitaMedica Bromelain with Quercetin

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Blister Pack | 20 Vegan Capsules

Two botanical ingredients that exhibit excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, with heightened effect when used together. 2400 GDU's per gram of therapeutic enzyme activity  suitable for laser and chemical treatments, lip contouring, surgical and non-surgical procedures. Supports the natural healing process, immune system function, and upper respiratory health. 



Additional Information:

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the pineapple plant with demonstrated analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Clinical studies indicate bromelain is well-tolerated with marked reduction in postoperative swelling and pain when patients consumed at least 2,000 GDUs daily in divided doses.

Quercetin is a plant flavonoid with powerful antioxidant benefits, shown to inhibit allergic and inflammatory mediators such as histamine.